Lindon Defense Explosive Testing Kits (ETK) are colorimetric test kits capable of identifying small bulk and trace quantities of all common Military, Commercial and Homemade explosives. Lindon Defense kits can be used to identify suspicious substances such as liquids, powders and solids; as well as reveal traces of explosives on items and individuals. Our major product benefits continue to be:  Accuracy, Size, Speed, Ease-of-Use and Cost-Effectiveness. Lindon Group ETKs were designed with ease-of-use in mind. Often referred to as “Joe kits”, the Pocket-ETK requires no special training and can be used proficiently by anyone after a brief product tutorial. Comprehensive instructions complete with color pictograms and results charts are integrated into every kit. We have taken the guess work and confusion out of colorimetric testing. This is why since 2012 Pocket-ETK has been the US Military’s Trace HME Test Kit of choice. 

#210 ETK-FS